We bring to your attention the Orthodox Church-Ecological Calendar, which is dedicated to ecological holidays and events in Ukraine and around the world, aimed at preserving the environment and all holidays of the Orthodox Church Year.

The issue of protection and preservation of the environment is extremely relevant today, as we see an increasing impact of anthropogenic factors. For in-depth study and research of environmental issues, it is necessary to focus on environmental dates and environmental actions.

It is in this context that it is advisable to use the ecological calendar of current environmental events and the dates associated with them. The Church-Ecological calendar will help you find out what is special about each date and what important events await you ahead. Also, on the one hand, Christians who use the church calendar will automatically be able to get acquainted with environmental holidays, and vice versa, ecologists, environmentalists, people of good will who seek to preserve nature, will be aware of Orthodox holidays throughout the year.

For a detailed view, follow the link:
Ecological calendar

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