“Cultivate it and keep it”

The Ararát Creation Care Division of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Hungary has launched its national creation care program this autumn.
The program is called MEET – which is a Hungarian acronym – and was given with reference to Gen 2:15 (“Cultivate it and keep it”). The program is now available for congregations/parishes to join, and later will be open for educational institutions, diaconal institutions, offices, conference halls and missionary centers, as well as to church foundations, associations, and communities. Although MEET is the creation care program of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Hungary, it is ecumenically open, to which communities from other denominations can also join. The program operates on a voluntary basis and principle; communities apply on their own initiative, they can define their own goals, intentions, their level of commitment and can compile their own creation care program for themselves. The Ararát Creation Care Division of the Lutheran Church provides framework and assistance for the customized planning of the commitment and its compilation. The program encourages the cooperation of the communities participating in the creation care program, as well as regional cooperation and the development of a network. 

Programleírás | MEET (lutheran.hu)

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