Ecojustice Resource Hub

We at the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology are pleased to announce the launching of the new Ecojustice Resource Hub on our website. This movement is clearly of immense importance and religious communities have been fostering it for many years. This is evident from the rich examples and robust literature on the subject that we have gathered here.

The majority of the resources in this EJ Hub are religiously-based and organized by religious traditions. You will find links to these different lists on the main landing page, as well as bibliographies and historical background on the Ecojustice movement. We also provide some links to secular resources on the landing page for historical context.

We hope that this new collection of resources will provide a helpful tool for those who are working in the field of religion and ecology, for the cause of environmental justice, and for the well-being of the Earth community. We will be adding examples and resources going forward.

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