Workshops on building the nest houses for birds

Observing the birds makes a person happier and calmer. We get aesthetic pleasure and satisfaction from listening to a bird’s song. You can keep your eyes on birds’ behavior anywhere: in your own backyard, in the forest, near the river, and in the park.
On the territory of Uzhhorod Castle, there is a cozy park, where you can see about 50 species of birds at different times of the year. Some of them live here permanently, others – only during the nesting period or during autumn and spring migrations. Their singing is delightful for visitors’ ears as well as for employees of the museum.


Almost every day you can see a little tit here: big and blue. Now they are looking for convenient places to build a nest. Artificial nests are also happily inhabited. On March 16-17, experts of the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies together with researchers of the Transcarpathian Museum of Local Lore named after T. Lehotsky held a workshop on making nest houses for birds. The participants were children of IDPs. Firstly, they listened to a story about the inhabitants of the castle park and learned about house and field sparrows, swallows, nuthatches, blackbirds, and other kinds of birds,  and of course, they watched a video about the blue tit. Then they made houses together for the black nutcracker and the little tit, which they hung in the castle yard. The weather was wonderful for such an event. It was a beautiful, sunny day and there were many birds in the park. They went about their daily business: crows build a nest, blackbirds sing to attract females, and nuthatches inspect tree trunks. The children guessed the names of the birds and tasted the sweets that the little tits “gave”  them.

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