National Park Synevyr invites on tourism development training

On Monday, August 5, 2019, at 10 am, a training session will be held at the visit center of Synevyr National Nature Park (Synevyr-Ostryky village, 1626): “Perspectives of tourism development and formation of attractiveness of communities in the territory of national parks. Mobilization and activation of the parties, the population”. Everyone is invited to the event.
During several hours of training, the trainer, the head of the Transcarpathia Tourist Information Center Alexander Koval will teach how to develop tourism in the territory of national parks, to form and promote the brand of the territory, to create joint products and services for tourists, etc.
The event will be held within the framework of the project of the German Union for the Conservation of Nature (NABU) “Adaptation of local communities to the extension of Transcarpathian national parks by joint efforts of Churches and NGOs”. The project is being implemented in the territories of three Transcarpathian parks that were expanded due to new territories in April this year – Synevyr National Nature Park, Uzhansky National Park and Zacharovanyj Kraj.

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