“Synevyr is a brand. We need to learn how to sell successfully»

На изображении может находиться: 3 человека, в помещении

Understand the value of the region, properly build the branding of the territory, and therefore – to develop tourism in the territory of the national park and learn how to make money on tourists – the main issues raised today by the head of the Transcarpathia Tourist Information Center Alexander Koval during a training course held at the National Nature Park».
Training topic: “Prospects for tourism development and formation of community attractiveness on the territory of national parks. Mobilization and activation of the parties, the population”. During the event, attended by locals, employees of NNP Synevyr, representatives of the tourist sphere of the region, locals, etc., Alexander Koval spoke about how to develop tourism in the territory of national parks, to form and promote the brand of the territory, to create joint products and services for tourists, etc.
«Synevyr itself is a brand for a long time! UNESCO Primeval Forests is also a brand that attracts attention to the area. There are many valuable assets here, and it is important for locals to be aware of their value and to use it for profit. They need to understand what the tourists want and meet the demand. Then the issue of employment of the population will be eliminated», – Alexander Koval emphasized.
At the end of the training, the participants discussed the problematic issues in the development of tourism in the national parks and highlighted the most urgent problems, which solutions will be sought in the next steps. One of them – the issue of sorting garbage and taking it for recycling – will be discussed at a meeting in late August.
The event was part of the project “Adaptation of local communities to the extension of Transcarpathian national parks by the joint efforts of Churches and NGOs”, implemented by the German Nature Conservation Union (NABU) and the Institute for Ecological and Religious Studies with the support of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs (AA). The project is being implemented in the territories of three Transcarpathian parks that have been expanded due to new territories in April this year – Synevyr National Park, Uzhansky National Park and Zacharovanyj kraj.

На изображении может находиться: 2 человека, люди сидят, стол и в помещении


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