within the Nature Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) project «Adapting local communities to the
expansion of national parks in Transcarpathia through joint efforts of Churches and NGOs»

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Accommodation for working meeting participants: Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, Mizhhirya district,
Synevyr-Ostryky village, 1626. Base of the Synevyr National Park.
Venue: Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, Synevyr-Ostryky village, 1626.
Time: May 26-29 2019.
The aim of the whole project is to promote the adaptation of local territorial and religious communities
located in the extended and adjacent territories of national parks to the new conditions and practical skills of
nature use and, accordingly, environmental behavior by the joint efforts of the church, municipalities and
An important result of the project is the establishment of a dialogue between local communities and
administrations of the National Parks with the support of the church and the development of models for the
practical implementation of their interaction based on practical skills and competences offered during the
Objectives of the working meeting in Ukraine: based on the preliminary consultations of experts from
NABU, IERS, representatives of national parks, Turinform Zakarpatia, local environmental NGOs, local
religious and territorial communities, it is necessary:
– to discuss the conditions of settlements in the newly-enclosed nature reserves territories,
– to assess the needs of local communities and their capabilities and to develop adequate training
– to develop case studies for the publication of a manual and an information campaign, harmonization
of scientific, theological and public parts of works,
– to approve the reference plan for the implementation of the whole project.
Delegates from “environmental” divisions of Churches and religious organizations, representatives of NGO,
authorities, mass media and the scientific world of Ukraine and Germany are invited to the working meeting
(3 representatives from and not less than 30 from Ukraine are expected).
Direct coverage of the meeting: 35-50 experts, scientists, NGO leaders and churches, community activists;
(Indicators – list of participants, working materials, project plan);
Opening of the meeting: Sunday, May 26, second half of the day.
Closing of the meeting: Wednesday, May 29, first half of the day.
Expenses on travel, accommodation and meal for invited participants are covered by the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs of Germany.
in Germany in Ukraine
Boris Tichomirow
Charitéstraße 3
10117 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0)176 2234 29 15

Bokotey Alexander
Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies (IERS)
Andrei Batschinskij-Platz, 1a
Phone: +38050-709-65-67



16.00 Arrival of participants, settlement
17.00 Dinner
18.00 Evening of acquaintances
20.00 Accommodation

May 27, MONDAY

(Conference Hall of the Visiting Center of the Synevyr National Park, Synevyr-Ostryky, 1626)

10.00 Registration of participants
11.00 Opening: Main objectives and tasks of the project – project leader Boris Tichomirow /
Bogdan Motuzenko
11.20 Changes in nature use in connection with the expansion of national parks territories, actual
information, Tomenchuk Dmytro, deputy head of the department for regulation of nature use and
development of reserved territories of the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources of the
Transcarpathian Regional State Administration
Greetings (5 min.):
● Boris Tichomirow, director of programs of Nature Biodiversity Conservation Union of Germany,
project leader (NABU, Berlin, Germany)
● Dmytro Tomenchuk, Department of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Transcarpathian
Regional State Administration
● Mykola Derbak, Director of Synevyr National Park, Ukraine
● Victor Byrkovych, Director of Uzhanskyhj national park, Ukraine
● Vasyl Fennych, Director of national park “Zacharovanyj kraj”, Ukraine
● Fr. Oleksandr Pantlyk, Dean of Verkhovynskyj Deanery, MGCE
● Fr. Volodymyr Prodanets, Dean of the Mizhhirya Deanery, MGCE
12.15 Presentation of the working meeting participants and photo for the memory (a prayer for
Responsibility for Creation and protection of the virgin forests of the Carpathians, interview for the
media are offered)
12.30 Coffee-break
13.00 Presentation of the activities of the Nature Biodiversity Conservation Union, Ivan Timofeiev
13.15 Presentation of the activities of the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies, Mykhailo
13.30 Presentation of national nature park “Synevyr”, Yuriy Tyukh
13.45 Presentation of national nature park “Zacharovanyj kraj”, Yevgen Giga
14.00 Presentation of national nature park “Uzhanskyj”, Victor Byrkovych
14.15 Presentation of Turinform, Oleksandr Koval
14.30 Discussion of the program of 15 one-day trainings in territorial communities on the territory
of national parks, Oleksandr Koval / Alexander Bokotey
14.00 Discussion of the project of the ecological calendar of the Orthodox Church for 2020,
Mykhailo Bilanych
14.15 Discussion of the preparation of the film “The Nature Management of the Carpathians”
Oleksandr Koval / Bogdan Motuzenko
14.30 Lunch (Synevyr-Ostryky, 1626)
15.30 Preparation of project promotional materials for religious and local communities. Preparation
of methodical materials (readers of materials, advertising materials, memorials to the clergy
and activists), Alexander Bokotey / Bogdan Motuzenko / Mykhailo Bilanych

16.00 Discussion of the preparation of the manual “Successful examples of nature management by
communities on the territory of the national park”, Alexander Bokotey / Bogdan Motuzenko
16.30 Discussion of the preparation of information stands for all 3 national parks
17.00 Coffee-break
17.30 Discussion of the support program of project activities in media, Alexander Bokotey /
Mykhailo Bilanych
18.00 Discussion of the preparation of banners devoted to actualization of the conditions of national
parks, (Alexander Bokotey / Andrii Donichenko, NGO “Parallel world”)
18.30 Summing up the first day of the working meeting
19.00 Excursion to the Recreation Center of Brown Bears of Synevyr National Park
20.00 Dinner (Synevyr-Ostryky, 1626)


(Conference Hall of the Visiting Center of the Synevyr National Park, Synevyr-Ostryky, 1626)
8.00 Breakfast
9.00 Biblical meditation “Creation”
9.15 Presentations of scholars IERS / DBU, formation of plans for the future:
Ivan Timofeiev «Tourism in national parks»
Natalia Dyman «Peculiarities of working with the climate problem in youth communities as a
component of the formation of ecological consciousness in youth (Transfer of
German experience in the eco-educational environment of Ukraine)»

Vladyslav Yurash «Prospects for the construction of a mini hydroelectric power station in the

Carpathians, taking into account the German experience»

11.30 Coffee-break
12.00 Round table «Discussion of possibilities for expanding the project activity into the territory of
9 Carpathian National Parks of Ukraine / All Ukraine / Eastern Europe through IRCEF
partner organizations»
13.30 Lunch (Synevyr-Ostryky, 1626)
14.30 Round table “Presentation of promising project concepts: Eco Certification of Religious
Communities (BMZ), Interfaith Council for the Protection of Virgin Forests of the
Carpathians, Interreligious Ecological Network of the Black Sea Region, etc.”
15.30 Coffee-break
16.00 Continuation of round table
18.00 Summing up the results of two working days, Boris Tichomirow
18.30 Watching a movie about Synevyr National Park
19.00 Excursion to the village of Kolochava, the Museum “Old Village”
20.00 Lunch


(Conference Hall of the Visiting Center of the Synevyr National Park, Synevyr-Ostryky, 1626)
9.00 Breakfast
10.00 Summing up the results of working meeting
– formation of the composition and participants of the working groups of the project


– approval of the composition of the Coordination Council
– identification of leading directions and supervisors of the council
– Discussion of plans for the future (the possibility of negotiating for the establishment of the
Inter-Confessional Council for the Protection of Virgin Forests in the Carpathians)

11.30 Meeting with the clergy of the Eastern and Western rites of Transcarpathia on their vision of
the participation of religious communities in the protection of nature in the territories of the nature
reserve fund (the possibility of prolonging previous projects)
12.30 Lunch (Synevyr-Ostryky, 1626)
15.00 Departure of participants of the working meeting

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