Want to help Australia – save the Carpathians

 Enormous, catastrophic fires in Australia outstandingly touched and frightened Ukrainians. The photos of zones of distribution of fire, burned out forests, the scorched beasts even false photos from space flew around the Ukrainian social networks, provoked hundreds of spores and caused to the increase of ecological consciousness of Ukrainians. It was interestingly to look after all of it, if not alone “but”. Business is in that, that already once again untwisted a situation takes minds and emotions of our compatriots, but at the same time willynilly underlines our provinciality. I that a serial “Chornobyl'” was taken off not in Ukraine, although, it would seem, it fully “our” material. When this serial got wind world, Ukrainians and to the soba became interested by the figures of liquidators and real history of that catastrophe, and to that it was not a public idea to this business. Remember, what scornful value for us a self word “Chornobyl’s” (purchased deadheads, that require payments, subsidies, privileges, but, probably, the certifications somewhere bought). The same was observed in August 2018, when the glorious American senator John McCain died. Then even suggestions sounded to name streets and public gardens the name ofMcCain, that allowed to me to do such conclusion: the “Ukrainian facebook association considerably stronger was deeply touched from information about death of the American hero. He simply was more “untwisted”. And that is why seemed anymore, by more authentic hero. I do not want to compare McCain and Lukyanenko, speech goes me only a realtor that we are not able to value the heroes. Not only dissidents that fought for Ukraine in the days of Soviet occupation but also warriors that with a weapon in hands protect the state presently. Ukrainian McCain it is enough in trenches on Donbas. But we them do not know – the names, biographies, exploits. With every year about war we talk all less than, and the MASS-MEDIA publish dry erections only. It costs to name the name of McCain a street in Kyiv. But it is necessary also to learn to grow the heroes. They for us are enough. Attention failing to them, gratitudes, fascinations. By the way, how many Ukrainian cities already did name the streets the name of Leonty Lukyanenko? And Yevhen Greek? That, not heard of such”?. It is possible to remember and quite recent history – about a fire in a parisian cathedral Notre Dame. Then Ukrainians also grasped at a heart, did to bust, retold money on renewals, and all MASS-MEDIA (electronic, paper, radio and television) by relaxed information about this fire. Say, and why is not such attention attracted by the terrible, catastrophic state of Ukrainian sights of culture and history? Why did a that annoying fact, that the other day in Oleh stockpile of the National gallery of arts a roof was caused to fall, so not become the top news of our MASS-MEDIA and public discussions? Correctly: because to it we are indifferent, we only consider the stranger, “untwisted” sights really valuable. Presumably, not ten, but hundreds of thousands of historical building, locks, churches, monasteries, building that belonged to prominent Ukrainians, today are in the deplorable state on all Ukraine, but really is it able to touch us? So with the Australian fires: undoubtedly, does sympathizing cost, but really for us small own ecological problems? But me it seems to that Ukraine in general is a zone of continuous ecological trouble! Remember the total felling of the forests of Carpathians, that Borzhavsky a backbone it is wanted to destroy wind turbines, that Shatky of lake grow shallow, that Dnister it is planned to pawn the cascade of ГЕС, that during annual incineration of leaves and grass Ukrainians kill millions of animals and birds, that almost in any Ukrainian city it is impossible to drink water from a faucet, that getting of amber catastrophically influences on nature, that sorting of garbage so not works for us, and people in supermarkets even bananas lay a list in marbles.Does a heart hurt for nature, ecology, climate? Miraculously! But let at first will clean at home, and already then will take up Australia. And as Earth is a general ecosystem, a conclusion is simple: want to help Australia – rescue Carpathians!


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