Forests recovering after a fire in Australia: enchanting photos

Дерева у національному парку пускають перші паростки

Australia’s forests, which have been hit by storms, are beginning to recover. The photographer recorded the first sprouts. The photos were taken on the territory of Dhuraag National Park.

“Each step lifted a cloud of ash from the ground as we walked between tree trunks in complete silence and peace. The shoots found and photographed have been a sign of the renewal and regeneration of Australia’s forests, ”
Said Low.

Flora has also begun to recover in and around New South Wales. Experts say many species of plants in Australia have often experienced fires for tens of millions of years. So the Australian flora has an evolutionary restoration system. It only takes rain and time.

In the coming days, meteorologists forecast heavy thunderstorms over Australia. Scientists fear that showers may contaminate drinking water and cause flooding.

How the first sprouts sprout on Australian trees: See the adorable pics

Briefly about fires in Australia:

  • Forest fires have been raging in Australia since September. Dozens of them are still not controlled by firefighters. 8 million hectares have already been burned. In some settlements there is no power supply;
  • At least 25 people were killed;
  • The Australian branch of the World Wildlife Fund admits that some 1.25 billion animals could be killed in the fire and some species could “cross the line of extinction”. In addition, decades will be spent on restoring burned forests, according to environmentalists;
  • The smoke from the fires swept over 10,000 miles and reached even the shores of South America. In particular, the Chile Weather Service recorded it over Chile and Argentina;
  • Australia’s dry and hot weather will continue to prevail. The local government announced a new wave of fires and announced an evacuation in the southeast of the country.


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