China bans disposable plastic

China bans disposable plastic
In the next five years, China intends to reduce the production and use of plastic to combat pollution.

About it reports Bloomberg.

“China’s leading economic planner has said that in the next five years, the country will reduce production and use of plastic, which will help reduce one of the world’s largest sources of pollution,” the report said.

According to a plan published by the National Commission on Development and Reforms, by the end of this year, non-decomposable plastic bags will be banned at supermarkets and shopping malls in major Chinese cities, as well as in food delivery services.

China will significantly reduce the use of disposable plastic in e-commerce, express delivery and takeaway food by 2022, while promoting alternative materials.

China also plans to establish a system for the production, distribution, consumption, processing and disposal of plastic products by 2025.

According to the publication, the use of plastic in China has increased as online shopping and food delivery apps have become part of everyday life in the country, even in the countryside.


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