Compostable eco-friendly bags have appeared in Ukraine

Under special conditions for compost, such a package will be expanded for six months.
The Biosphere Corporation has launched a series of environmental compostable garbage bags. The company announced this on its Facebook page.
Go Green packages do not use polyethylene. 40% packages consist of raw materials obtained from renewable sources of natural origin, in particular corn starch.
According to the company, such a package will be spread over six months (in special conditions for compost). Developers guarantee that the packages are completely biodegradable.
From January 20, Go Green garbage packages of the Freken BOK brand must appear on the shelves of ATB supermarkets. Biodegradation packages are promising to hit the market soon and in most retailers and online stores. The message reads:
“Our recycled waste bins will not disappear anywhere, sorting and recycling are very important in waste management. But biodegradable packages will be the next breakthrough in supporting global eco-trends. Now, in our hands, we care about the future. ”

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