Microsoft is investing $ 1 billion in air purification

Microsoft інвестує $1 мільярд в очищення повітря

Microsoft is investing $ 1 billion in carbon cleanup.

“Microsoft Technovel promises to become a completely carbon-negative company by 2030. They plan to spend $ 1 billion to clean the atmosphere, ”the message reads.

According to Satie Nadella, CEO of the company, if the last decade has taught people something, technology can do more harm than good.

He added that people should start offsetting the devastating effects of climate change.

It is emphasized that Microsoft’s second goal is to remove as much carbon from the atmosphere by 2050 as it does since the company’s inception in 1975, either directly or through electricity.

According to Microsoft representatives, they are financing the project by raising the internal carbon footprint, electricity usage and air travel that the corporation has been charging from its business groups since 2012.

The company’s president, Brad Smith, added that these plans “will require the creation of technologies that do not exist today by 2030,” and that by 2050, Microsoft’s data centers, offices, campuses and other infrastructure will use fully renewable energy.


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