In Ukraine, in 30 years, 70% of energy is to be supplied by green power plants, – the Ministry of Energy

Today, the share of green power plants in energy production in Ukraine is 5%.

Ukraine plans to increase green energy share / Photo: DTEK press service

The Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection plans to bring the share of energy from alternative sources to 70% over the next 30 years.
This was announced by Energy Minister Alexei Orzhel during the presentation of the concept of green energy transition of Ukraine to 2050, reports the Public.
“We are saying that by 2050 the level of renewable energy (energy) should be about 70%. We have estimates, we have different schedules and scenarios for implementing this figure. The most important thing is that this development has to be economically justified ”, – informed Orzhel.
He noted that abuses in the sphere of “alternative energy”, in particular payment of excessive “green tariffs” for produced from alternative energy sources, should be stopped in Ukraine. According to Orzhel, even without a “green tariff”, investments in renewable energy are more profitable than traditional ones.
At present, the share of green power plants in energy production in Ukraine is 5%.
In 2019, new solar, wind and other renewable energy plants with a total capacity of 4.5 gigawatts were built in Ukraine, which is almost twice the capacity of all “green” power plants that operated in Ukraine at the beginning of 2019.

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