The Western Balkans suffer from air pollution: people protest

The dense smog and high levels of air pollution have been worrying residents of cities in the Western Balkans for several days – they are protesting and demanding the authorities seek long-term solutions.

About it reports “European truth”.

In Belgrade on Friday night, several hundred people gathered for a rally, demanding “measures to protect the population and greater transparency in the reporting of extremely high pollution”. More than 10,000 people have signed a petition to fight pollution.

Officials generally remained silent or lowered pollution levels. On Wednesday, the Serbian government said that kindergartens and elementary schools were instructed to monitor the situation and could close at their discretion. The media and activists criticized the statement as belated and indecisive.

Skopje in northern Macedonia, Sarajevo and Tuzla in Bosnia and Podgorica in Montenegro suffer from similar high levels of air pollution.

The main culprits are the wood stoves in many homes, as well as thermal power plants and transportation.

Several protests took place in Tuzla, the latest on Wednesday. Organizers have promised to continue the rally until the authorities give a proper answer.

The situation is also bad in some small towns such as Plevia in Montenegro. Most residents there continue to burn firewood after the long-standing promise of delivering greener fuel remains unfulfilled. Smog settles in the town as soon as the cold weather arrives.


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