UKRAINE Announces Launch of Large-Scale Landscaping Project

The National Record Book of Ukraine and CEO Club Ukraine have announced the launch of a large-scale landscaping project of Ukraine.

 This is stated on the website of the Book of Records of Ukraine.

 “The natural environment has been, is and will be an indispensable partner of people in their daily lives. We draw from nature all the riches. Her beauty and grandeur remain our main treasure.

  In the conditions of sick nature there can be no healthy people. This is an axiom whose meaning is important for everyone to understand. What future lies ahead for new generations depends solely on us today.

 We are not indifferent to the state of the environment in Ukraine and beyond. That is why the National Record Book of Ukraine project and the largest business club that unites the leaders of Ukrainian business «CEO Club Ukraine» are launching an all-Ukrainian Greening of Ukraine project.

 The purpose is to draw attention to the restoration of the ecosystem of Ukraine and the planet, as well as to the development of environmental consciousness of people.

Озеленення України

«Due to global warming leading to rising levels of the oceans, some cities, islands, even entire countries, are at risk of being submerged or unsuitable for decades. It is difficult for mankind to even predict at what speed this will happen — and even where. All things considered, trees are extremely important: they can hold back huge amounts of carbon dioxide, slowing global warming. We are sure that together with all the indifferent people, tree after tree, we will make our contribution to saving the planet, «- the founder of the business club« CEO Club Ukraine »Sergey Gaydaychuk shares.
Objectives of the Greening of Ukraine project:

— Plant 1 million trees in 24 hours

  — Assist in planting parks and alleys throughout the year

  — Conduct a nationwide information campaign

  — Organize educational workshops in educational institutions

  — Launch an international flash mob Greening of Ukraine. Greening the planet! »

“The deterioration of forests in Ukraine is one of the biggest environmental disasters today. Deforestation significantly increases the risk of floods and floods, thus deteriorating soil quality and fertility. In addition, deforestation of the Carpathian forests causes a decrease in biodiversity, destruction of habitats of rare species of flora and fauna, loss of valuable natural ecosystems and negative impact on the climate of all Ukraine. We need to prevent this and do everything we can to avoid it. We sincerely invite everyone who wants to make our Ukraine and the planet eco-friendly and beautiful in the Greening of Ukraine project.

  I also emphasize that everyone can take part in the Greening of Ukraine project, ”- said Anna Krysyuk, General Director of the Record Book of Ukraine.
Formats for participation in the project:

  — Volunteers: active in planting trees at locations

  — Co-organizers: organization of the project in regions, locations

  — Partners: providing organizational, logistical basis for project implementation, procurement of trees

  — Information partners: coverage of project information drives on available resources

  — Eco-ambassadors: persons who have planted more than 200,000 trees; present the project to the public.

 Contact project manager Nadiya Chistyak for more information. Contact phone number: +380 50 663 01 32, + 380 67 878 ??80 28.

  Please contact Yulia Bichai regarding media interaction and communication issues. Contact phone number: +380 66 993 41 81.


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