The planet is dying out: a stunning statement has been made at the UN

Планета вимирає: в ООН зробили приголомшливу заяву
Planet Earth is dying out (Collage of RBC-Ukraine)

The UN has told the shocking truth about the extinction of planet Earth
Planet Earth entered the sixth era of mass extinction due to atmospheric pollution. Such data were made public by the United Nations in the draft Convention on Biological Diversity.
The document states that by 2030, humans need to significantly reduce atmospheric pollution in order to save the wildlife that is still left. The world is facing the catastrophic extinction of different species of flora and fauna, and this can cause entire ecosystems to die out on the planet. Such destruction can have serious consequences for the survival of mankind.
It takes only 10 years to save the planet from extinction. According to the study, to give protected status to one third of the earth’s surface, it is necessary to reduce harmful waste at least twice in the next 10 years.
The Convention also lists 20 goals for the conservation of the Earth’s wildlife and among its main objectives are the authors of the project: reduction of environmental pollution by biocides, plastic waste, and the introduction of sustainable development technologies.


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