The UN has recognized the right of refugees to seek asylum through global warming

ООН визнала право біженців просити притулку через глобальне потепління

UN member states cannot refuse asylum to refugees if their lives are threatened by climate change.

The UN Human Rights Committee came to this conclusion, first examining the refugee’s complaint about climate change as a cause of the asylum claim, Deutsche Welle reports. It is a complaint by John Tahiot, a resident of Kiribati, the island of Kiribati. In 2015, he and his wife and children applied for asylum in New Zealand, but he was refused. As a result, he complained to the UN, stating that rising ocean levels make Kiribati islands uninhabitable. The UN agreed, declaring that third-country authorities have no right to deport asylum seekers if the situation caused by the climatic conditions in their homeland threatens life. This UN decision opens wide prospects for migrants, as countries will no longer be able to deport people facing climate change.

According to the UN, about 280 million people will be forced to migrate due to global warming by two degrees Celsius.

Earlier, scientists predicted that 2019 may be the hottest year in the history of humanity due to climate change, and they were right. The World Bank is investing hundreds of billions to combat global warming.

We will remind, in the USA have told, in how many the country the fight against global warming will manage. Scientists have calculated how much global warming will cost humanity. A list of cities that may disappear from the face of the earth due to melting glaciers has also been published.


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