Patriarch Bartholomew in Davos has called for combating the environmental crisis

World leaders must put the interests of humanity above the financial interests of countries and immediately begin to combat the environmental crisis on the planet.
This was stated by the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew during his speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, reports his own correspondent Ukrinform.

“I want to urge Western leaders, many of whom are now here in Davos, not to put their material and financial interests above the interests of mankind, particularly in climate change. They should respect the decision made jointly for the benefit of mankind and not for the benefit of financial advantage, ”said Patriarch Bartholomew.

He stressed that now, unfortunately, it is clear that little is being done to combat climate change, but everyone knows what and how it should be done. In his opinion, unlike previous generations, the present one has no excuse, because it cannot claim to have been unaware of the threat of environmental collapse.

“To restore the balance of our planet, we need a spiritual outlook that promotes humility, respect and solidarity,” the Ecumenical Patriarch emphasized.

He stressed that humanity should cease to be irresponsible and ungodly to treat earthly resources.

“If we do not fundamentally change our attitude to the world, if we do not voluntarily change our scheme of use of natural resources, then we will continue to fight the symptoms of the problem, not its causes,” – said Bartholomew.

He noted, however, that he was optimistic that many leaders would understand the problem and that they should not be delayed in dealing with climate change and shifting responsibility to others.


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