Such tours have minimal environmental impact and carbon footprint.

The popular tourist portal Lonely Planet, together with Intrepid and Urban Adventures, launches eco-conscious tours, reports theguardian.com.

More than 7,500 people participated in the survey. According to which 68% of respondents said that they became more concerned about the environmental friendliness of their travels.
These are about 200 one-day tours, as well as over 130 tours to 65 countries.

One-day tours include, for example, a walking tour of Saint-Germain in Paris, an art walk to Las Vegas, or a gastronomic tour of Tokyo. The longer tours include a one-day tour to northern India, from Varanasi to Delhi by train, rickshaw and bus, and an eight-day train to Italy.

In addition, all tourists can use the free Lonely Planet’s Guides app for six months.

We will remind you that the best tourist destinations for 2020 travel according to Lonely Planet have been identified.

Source: https://tsn.ua/tourism/lonely-planet-zapuskaye-turi-dlya-ekosvidomih-turistiv-1478916.html

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