Authorities in the German capital are experimenting with next-generation garbage bins: they store three times as much waste, transmit their workloads, and tell passersby “thank you.”

About it reports DW.

“His name is Mr. Phil. It is slightly above the meter, but thanks to its bright orange color, it is noticeable from afar. Mr. Phil is Berlin’s most modern garbage can. It operates on solar panels, and the garbage can be placed in a lot more than in a standard urn – thanks to a press installed inside that compresses household waste, ”the material reads.

One and a half dozen such machines are installed in the heart of Berlin. A standard garbage bin with a capacity of 120 liters is installed inside the orange container. But thanks to the press, the amount of garbage is reduced five times, so it holds up to 600 liters of waste.

According to Tilo Mertz, project manager for the Berliner Stadtreinigung, a municipal waste collection and recycling company, in crowded public places where many tourists and many passers-by, standard litter boxes overflow quickly and often have to be devastated three times a day.

“And with the help of these containers, we want to ensure that they have to be unloaded only once a day or generally every two days. This will save our employees time, ”he says. A total of 24,000 standard garbage cans are installed in Berlin.

Sensors inside the container monitor the loading. As soon as the container fills up by two-thirds, the panel illuminates yellow, and when the trash can is filled by 90 percent, it flashes red and the container signals to the control room. There is another technological innovation: sensors, by recognizing glass and plastic bottles, deactivate the press.

Garbage containers can be blocked at the request of the police. For example, during large-scale events and state visits. Security agencies want to be sure that no explosive devices can be placed in the garbage cans. You can open it in two ways: with your hand or foot by pressing the pedal.


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