Workshops Underway on the Vocation of the Agricultural Leader

Presented in Diocese of Salina, KS
CRL presented a 4-hour workshop on Vocation of the Agriculutral Leader in Russell, Kansas, on Saturday, February 25.  Over 60 people attended the workshop, many of whom are involved in the agricultural industry in one way or another.  There was lively discussion and dialogue throughout the session.
Farmers face challenges that the rest of us hardly consider at all: the timing and amount of rain, a changing climate, global competition in agricultural goods, constant pressure to make a viable living while also serving as good stewards of the land, and passing on the farm to the next generation. There is a great need for ethical leadership in addressing these challenges.
The recent publication of the Vocation of the Agricultural Leader is part of a collaborative effort to push for a public dialogue. Catholic Rural Life has begun conducting workshops around the country on this important document and the challenges it seeks to address.

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